Why Securus Technologies is Utilized Inside Prison

In order to keep those behind prison walls as safe as possible, you have to be able to maintain a degree of order at all times. Keeping drugs out of the jail will not only keep m and my fellow officers safe, it helps to protect other inmates, staff members, and all the visitors that come to the jail each day. We deploy a number of resources each day in our efforts to maintain order, starting with some basics and then some that may seem a little unconventional.


Inside the visitor center, we have a team of officers that will take each visitor and scan them, run them through x-ray devices, or let the drug-sniffing dogs check them out. We do the same with the inmates before they are released back to their cells. This effort usually helps to keep the majority of drugs out of the jail, but it is not an exact science. We even will take the dogs to the cells and let them check for any contraband that may be hidden where we can not see.


Securus Technologies was instrumental in helping us to find any other drugs hiding inside the jail. The company makes inmate call monitoring systems, and the LBS software detects chatter from inmates on just about any terms. The system has been key in helping my team to locate the remaining drugs that the other resources we use may have missed.


This week alone, we have listened in on calls inmates are making where they are discussing how drugs can be sent in the mail, where in the jail property drugs can be hidden so they can not be assigned to one inmate, and we even heard one inmate tell his mother how to slip him her prescription drugs when she comes in the jail for her weekly visit.


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