Venezuela’s Brightest Strategically Spreads his Capital Influence

In a globalized banking landscape, the intuitively intelligent of even isolationist countries have not only gained way into the world’s market, but have shown they can thrive among others. Given current trends, it is only natural that Venezuela, a stalwart of old world sentiment, enters the global league of financiers.

The country’s people must be proud as David Osio carves a new precedent into the world of corporate financing. Osio has bridged the gap, as he has major deals with worldwide banks in historical and relevant cities including New York, Panama, and Geneva. As an alumni of the prestigious Venezuelan institution of education, the Andres Bello Catholic University, his foundation is firmly rooted in one of South America’s finest schools.

David Osio’s modest roots take him back to the simple post-grad days of the Venezuelan coffee export business. However, Osio’s robust educational background in law and business, combined with the clout of a solid foundation, quickly propelled him to the top of his homeland’s ladder. Poised to succeed, after excelling while working for others, Osio understood that he needed to take his fate by the reins; consequently; the man would create what is now his country’s most powerful conglomerate, the Davos Financial Group. This personally invested group of independent companies focuses on various but specific financial advising areas, including ever important capital allocation tips.

While his work from 1989-1993 was not completely independent, it gave Osio the necessary knowledge and connections to succeed as he branched out to Miami. There, David Osio immersed himself in a plethora of raw American-Latino culture that is a wonderful presence in that area. Having practiced his adaptability for four years, he has sharpened his negotiation skills with key foreign entities, readily exercising his talents across the globe.

Truly unique individuals are hard to come by, and Osio’s is the perfect pinnacle of power and moderation. While he acts as a financial maverick, he does not forget to humble himself, and those around him. David Osio’s supports a number of charities including the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and Fundana. Giving to those in need goes back to his solid foundation at a quality Catholic University.

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