The Success of the Gulf Coast Western under Matthew Fleeger

The Gulf Coast Western hails as the management venture of the oil and gas partnerships. The firm has been involved in combining resources, technological expertise, talent, and experience. This has been used for the exploration, acquisition, and development of the domestic oil and gas reserves.

The reserves are specially located along the gulf coast area of the US. The firm takes advantage of the geological and geophysical dispositions of the properties in line with the constructed structures.

There has been a substantial expansion in the Southwestern Louisiana area with the two partnerships especially. This follows the acquisition of the assets held by Orbit Energy Partners and the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration.

The partnerships have paved way for the Gulf Coast Western to create various prospects in the area of mutual interest. This also follows the agreement by the firm to operate the development wells with other operations operating currently on the production wells in the area. This ensures that the firm maximizes on the production and the assets under the development in the allocated area.

Matthew Fleeger is the head of the firm in charge of maintaining the relationships with the partners. The firm was founded back in 1970 with a presence in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mississippi.

Among the list of the International Business Professionals, Matthew Fleeger hails as a renowned name. He carries a vast experience in the oil and gas exploration, tanning firms and waste management. He also holds key skill set in strategic planning, contract negotiation, and team building.

Before landing his current post, Matthew Fleeger founded the MedSolutions firm which specializes in transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes. He is a holder of a degree in business administration from the Southern Methodist University. He has been in charge of the finance and marketing of various oil and gas firms where he holds various executive positions.

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