The Humanitarian Work of Lacey and Larkin

There is nothing that units a country than equality and justice. Unfortunately, this is something that many states are still struggling to accomplish. The greatest challenge in eliminating discrimination is that some leaders are the ones advocating for it. Luckily, the philanthropists have decided not to rest until everyone in the society is living happily and not with fear.

Among the philanthropic groups spearheading in the fight for migrants, civil and human rights, is the Frontera Fund. The foundation was a creation of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They used the money they receive as a settlement in the case of the Sheriff to start the organization.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested after they published the evil deeds that Arpaio was engaging himself with, as the headline of the Phoenix New Times. When everyone saw the publication, they could not believe they went to that extent. The Sheriff was a respected and feared individual in the society. As expected, he did not take it kindly. He sends his goons to arrest them and drive them to a private location.

Fortunately, the public demanded their release, and they were let go in 24 hours. After taking the case to court, the arrest was ruled unlawful, and the duo received the $3.75 million. This battle is likely to come back now that Trump has pardoned Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Arpaio has been severally warned against the profiling of the Latino drivers, which is one of his racism acts. He was also told that suspicion is not enough reason to send someone to jail. Arpaio was given a Federal order to stop the discrimination. He, however, decided to neglect the law and influenced his subjects to ignore the rule too. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Larkin: and

The political life of Joe Arpaio has saved him from going to jail. He was among the politicians who supported Trump. The least the latter could do is save the 80-year-old Arpaio from staying behind bars all his life. This was the first pardoning that Trump has issued since he assumed the presidential seat.

He said that after years of serving the country, it was wrong to repay Arpaio with a jail sentence. Arpaio thanked Trump for recognizing his years of service to the nation and pardoning him.

Many issues have contributed to the fight between Lacey and Larkin against Arpaio. For example, the inmates who were held in Tent City, a jail that Arpaio built to reduce the congestion in the facilities suffered a lot. Women who were pregnant were shackled on their beds during the delivery process.

A diabetic woman went into a coma because she was denied her medication. To add insult to the injury, a veteran lost his life during the inmates’ demonstration. There were also multiple reports of suicide and deaths in the facility.

Lacey and Larkin are ready to fight and ensure that justice is served to everyone in the state. They are not ready to give you and see Joe Arpaio get away with all his misdoings. Justice must be served.

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