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How Technology Helped In Evolving OSI Group of Industries

OSI Group, a growing name in the food production industry has over 20,000 employees at 65 different facilities in 17 countries. It started from a modest corner shop and went on to become a world-renowned food producing firm fully active all over the world. The firm presence in the business market has grown rapidly over the years.

Otto Kolschowsky came to the States and became a part of the growing German immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, Chicago was considered as the hub of different startups and industries. Such favorable conditions for business in the city persuaded the immigrants to start their industries and farms.

Soon after Mr. Otto Kolschowsky’s arrival to the States, he opened a butcher shop and a small retail meat market. His business was successful, and within a decade he expanded it towards the wholesale side of the business. For this expansion, he had to move his business to a nearby suburb, “Maywood.”

Within another decade of his business, he was providing meat for people in all walks of life. The business was rebranded as Otto & Sons in 1928.

A transition of Technology

Over the next two decades, Otto & Sons grew up to become a global corporation OSI Group. The successful development over these decades was because of the consistent product it provided different food chains especially McDonald’s. McDonald’s was renowned for its hamburgers and OSI Group was its meat supplier. With time, McDonald’s chain of restaurants expanded all over the United States and ultimately all over the world.

A technological modernization in the late 1960s led to make Otto & Sons and McDonald’s bond resolute than ever. The progress made the tasks of Otto & Sons more affordable and easier. The firm introduced the process of cooling cryogenic food which helped it in cost reduction and product augmentation in the food production business.

The leadership of Otto & Sons led a critical role in its transition. Otto & Sons grew to become OSI industries in 1975. The name of the firm was changed after a time of nearly 75 years. The progression from a local butcher shop to business with the modern technology aided in bringing honors to the OSI Group.

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