SweetGreen is Bringing Sweet Profits for Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru has cooked up a great idea that could become a real game changer for anyone that is trying to eat healthier. His idea for a healthy restaurant like SweetGreen is getting the attention of venture capitalists, and this is music to the ears of people that are looking forward to more of these restaurant locations.


 Nathaniel Ru has partners that are helping him build a presence in the industry. He knows the direction that he wants to go in, but having funds from venture capitalists is the most essential part of the equation. Without this he would not have the ability to move in the way that he would like to.

What Nathaniel Ru has managed to do is create a company that is about much more than just the same old salad. This is really what all of the buzz is about. If SweetGreen was just another company that was trying to push salads to the mainstream it would not be the $98 million dollar venture capitalist success that it has become. SweetGreen has managed to become successful because there are things like warm bowls. The menu is also different according to the area that you are in. People in Philadelphia are going to get a different menu than the people that are in Los Angeles.


The thing that has impressed customers is the way that this company has managed to take interest in the fresh foods. Farmers are playing an important part in the menu at these restaurants. These are foods that have a nutritious value and lower calories. It is the winning combination that many other restaurants lack. That is why people have taken interest in what this company is doing. It is proving to be more than a company that states that it is different on paper. This company is proving that there can be alternatives to fast food. Nathaniel Ru has proved that he is able to make a difference in the lives of people that are trying to find better ways to improve their health.


SweetGreen has the potential to become a healthy food restaurant leader. This is the direction that Nathaniel Ru is heading in.


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    Jeremy Nathaniel April 20, 2017

    SweetGreen has been around since 2007, but capital is still being raised for expansion across the United States. This is the type of company that is cultivating authentic food and even getting healthier meals into schools. It is by far the best personal online dissertation writer I have ever come across for a long time.

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