Over Forty Million Bottles Sold of Wen

WEN hair has sold over forty million bottles on Amazon in the sixteen years they have been available. A staggering amount for a hair care company to achieve. Wen is a hair care product line that was put together by Chaz Dean. Chaz is a hair stylist and cosmetologist based in the Bel-Air neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. He has hair clients who are every day people and some who are celebrities.

This Hollywood sought after hair stylist is also all about creating a zen atmosphere around him. He wants clients and their hair to feel relaxed and completely at ease around him. Chaz Dean has even achieved this goal outside of his hair salon as well. He managed to create the Wen hair care products that also makes customers relaxed and at ease. He sells Wen hair products on Sephora.

Bustle confirmed this result in a review that the Wen Cleansing Conditioner gives a relaxing and an at ease effect. According to Bustle, Wen is relaxing because of the natural based ingredients and the scent.




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  1. Solomon Henry February 24, 2017

    The product puts customers into a state of ease because you can use it daily and have soft, full conditioned hair every day. The Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner gave the Bustle writer, shinier, softer and healthier hair after just seven days. I would need really need to buy research paper and make sure it will happen the way it should.

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