Norka Luque Continues to Win Billboard Successes with Milagro

Norka Luque continues to be a bright and vivacious breath of fresh air from her home country of Venezuela that has brushed across our senses and sexuality for several years. Her childhood was focused on her singing, dancing, and other entertainment cultures, as her parents encouraged Norka with lessons in all of her many show business talents and career pursuits. Nonetheless, Norka Luque completed her academic training, obtaining degrees in business while studying in France. Clearly, at this point her positivity denotes being prepared for a business future, should all of her dreams for singing not come to fruition.

Academic Education
Happily, her business education, while beneficial in managing her career, has been necessary to acquire a living in the world today. Norka acquired an internal stamina of positive emotions and character that enabled her to overcome any obstacles which arose in her quest for prominence in her career. Emilio Estefan first drew the attention of the masses tot his beautiful young woman with an incredible voice, and Norka considers his fostering of her talent a true miracle.

Newest Hit
A great team of producers under the direction of Emilio Estefan Jr. and composition by Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo played an influential part in the creation of the Norka Luque song, MILAGRO, which Norka is currently promoting accompanied by El Cata. The song has been a major-time big hit in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Currently, it is debuting as the favorite in prestigious Latin Music Billboards.

An Obligation of the Artist
Norka Luque emphasizes that she is the result of many difficult situations that permitted, even schooled her to value life with the intensity she does today, and she wishes to transcend that same intensity to others. In fact, the beautiful lady with the beautiful voice also has a beauty in spirit that demands she impart that same value of life she embraces to everyone she encounters.

She believes that as artists, anyone and all who are blessed to be in the music field have the obligation bordering on miraculous intervention to spread positivity and personal hope to the world through their music messages sent through their art. Find more about Norka Luque on Twitter @norka_music.

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    An incredible mixture of Caribbean sounds, reggae, and Mediterranean traces all of which are delivered with a beautiful message, continue to tout Milagro as a profound Norka Luque recipe for success. That is not say that essay writing has many things in common for them too.

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