Lime Crime to Launch A New Hair Product Line, Unicorn Hair Dyes

Lime Crime is irrefutably the most popular brand among unicorns. It was founded by the queen of unicorns herself, Doe Deere. She formed the brand back in the year 2004 but did not have the courage to turn it into a company. Lime Crime was born out of a passion of Doe Deere. She remembers that in her sewing days, she would design and make brightly colored clothes but would not get makeup that was bright enough to match. So, she had the idea to help her fellow unicorns access bright makeup.



When she first started Lime Crime, back in the year 2004, the company was only an EBay account. Then, she would sell eyeshadows, glitters and brushes. Four years down the line and she decided to challenge herself to launch Lime Crime as a company. In the year 2012, Lime Crime started producing velvetines. They were the very first online makeup company to showcase their lipstick shades on lips. Instead of swabbing on a piece of paper, they though exhibitioning with lips would give clients a real idea how they would look like when wearing the lipsticks.



Velvetines became the best thing that lipstick lovers had ever known. Again, this lipsticks came in the wildest colors. This lipsticks will stay a whole day without the need to retouch. Just swab a little oil when you are ready to remove it.



Today Lime Crime continue quenching the thirst for bright lipsticks through a variety of textures. And they now plan to expand to hair beauty. Launching soon is their Unicorn hair. In this line, the company plans on producing 11 different shades of hair dyes. This is for all those who have come to love their unicorn makeup products, but were always worried that there were no hair dyes that would really match them.



If you follow them on Instagram you have probably seen names like Dirty Mermaid and Bunny. Theses hair dyes are free of ammonia, bleach or peroxides. They are made with the vegans in mind and have the promise of maintaining the health of your hair



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