Lessons from Rocketship Public Schools Model

The first Rocketship school was opened a decade ago in a church basement in San Jose, California. This school has served the community over the years and has brought with it useful lessons that everyone ought to learn. Some of the lessons gained during this period include

  • The knowledge that learning starts at home
  • There is a need to create more demand to change the system
  • Parenthood ought to be honored and respected
  • Teachers should play their part in creating culturally responsive schools
  • In anything, action is needed more than rhetoric
  • Inclusion is the key to integration
  • Learning is a continuous process
  • A positive mindset creates good teachers
  • Teamwork makes things happen


Rocketship is a network of public schools that is nonprofit making. It focuses on elementary schooling which caters for the less privileged members of the community across the country. This network of schools was founded in 2006 with the aim of bridging the achievement gap in society and building a sustainable and strong school model to help promote and improve the achievement rate of the less fortunate children in society. It has adopted a teacher-led model and an approach that is supported by technology to develop a personalized learning atmosphere that is suitable to every student.


It aims at providing the right content, timing and method to achieve its end. Its model is based on engaging important stakeholders in the educational sector including parents to get involved in the learning activity of their children. It also engages other players like community organizations, other charter schools, and districts in coming up with a comprehensive teaching model. This network of schools are strong believers in unleashing the human potential of every Rocketeer that they encounter.


They are involved in nonprofit work to stimulate young minds towards positive educational action. Since its inception in 2007, the network of elementary public schools has about 25 charter schools that are high performing which serve low-income communities across the country. This is a schooling model that is fast changing the lives of marginalized families and giving them hope once again.

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