Jos Auriemo Neto and his Achievements in the Real Estate Industry via JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto is the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a real estate development firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company was founded in the year 1972 by his father, Fabio Auriemo. Jose Auriemo Neto has played a vital role in taking the success of JHSF Development to the next level through his modern business and marketing strategies. He is the man behind the development of commercial and residential development that has taken place in Marginal Pinheiro, where Cidade Jardim Mall stands today. He has been successful in his business because he is not afraid to take risks. But, it is always calculated risk, and it allows him to make wise decisions. He has the respect of people around him because he is not just experienced but humble about his achievements.

Jose Auriemo Neto studied business management from FAAP University based in Sao Paulo. After the completion of his studies, Jose Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993 and immediately started putting his plans to actions. The first thing he did after joining the company was to start a service department that managed the parking lot by the name of Parkbem. The subsidiary company saw considerable success and went on to add a sizeable portion of the company’s revenue. Later on, he even developed the project of constructing the Santa Cruz mall, which also saw major success. Jose Auriemo Neto was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer, and rightly so, after working for several years for the company. His hard work and passion for the industry have allowed him to become an expert and he is often asked to speak on an international platform about it.

Jose Auriemo Neto also managed to bring some of the notable international brands to Brazil, including Valentino, Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and others, in his shopping mall by the name of Cidade Jardim. These international brands have their flagship stores there and have witnessed massive footfall, showcasing how the Brazilian people were waiting for such brands for long. He is also planning to add more international brands so that the locals and the tourists can enjoy coming to the mall and purchasing international products.

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