EOS Lip Balm Goes From Startup To Powerhouse With Partnerships

EOS Lip Balm is nipping at the heels of established brands in the lip balm arena as they make partnerships with other companies. They have designed their brand around a companion philosophy, and this article explains how they partner with new companies to build a product brand that cooperates with the most-popular teen brands of the age. Every teen enjoys softer lips with EOS Lip Balm, and they are found through wise marketing.

#1: Keds

Keds came out with a line of EOS shoes that all came with their own matching tube of lip balm. This is a small thing, but the EOS brand reaches kids through items they must purchase. Shoes are quite important, and every kid in the land may ask their parents for Keds that come with EOS.

#2: The Alice In Wonderland Products

Disney allowed EOS to create a line of lip balm to match with a special Alice in Wonderland release, and the company sold out the products in days. There are quite a few kids who were interested in both things, and it was easy to entice them with cross-marketing.

#3: Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy designed her own holiday line with EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/) in mind, and she partnered with the company to create a holiday lineup that was popular with kids. Both companies profited in this case, and they were given the unique opportunity to create something beautiful as a duo. There are quite a few kids who came to know Rachel Roy because of the EOS partnership.

Entering a market that is filled with lip balms may seem foolhardy, but EOS Lip Balm has overcome all obstacles. They partner with proper companies for interesting new products, and they allow kids the colors they like. Each teen in America sees EOS Lip Balm as their ticket to cool. The products are now being sold online via eBay and leading stores like Target.


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