David Osio and Davos Launch New App

David Osio, founder, executive director, and CEO of Davos Financial Group graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988. After about a decade, from 1996 to 1998, David Osio completed his specialization n Caracas at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies. He began his career as Director in the Legal Desk MGO in Venezuela Providing legal advice to clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro. He obtained a managerial position at Banco Latino International, a commercial banking institution, in Miami. In 1989 David Osio became vice president where he had responsibilities defining strategies. While working with the bank he increased the bank’s international portfolio.

Davos Financial Group works with banks worldwide to maintain brokering agreements and advice on risk analysis, asset allocation, reports consolidated investment, and much more.


Davos Real Estate Group(REG) announced a new mobile application they are launching Davos CAP Calculator in a statement to its customers. Over the last six months, the Executive Director of Davos REG(Gerard González), and the company Tecknolution have been working on the development and design of the new app. The app estimates the return on real estate investments that catch the client’s interest and allows the customer to estimate the gain of a property after considering the expenses associated with the property. It’s currently available on both Android and iPhone devices. With the app the price of rent and be estimated on property that suits the customer’s income best. You can also estimate the price to rent of property best suited to your projected income. There will also be a mortgage calculator included which allows clients to estimate their mortgage through projections by the funding period, bank, and associated rate of interest.


The Davos CAP Calculator is the first to come in a series of complementary apps released by DFG. Future apps with have the ability to identify properties with your mobile device. You will also be able to forward historical real estate reports to Davos agents through an interactive chat feature.

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    Ivy Guillermo July 7, 2017

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