Cotemar Mexico Makes More Than Trenches

Cotemar Mexico has long been regarded as one of the top offshore drilling companies in Mexico and around the world. The company not only provides offshore drilling opportunities but they also have various services while they are on the sea.

As the company started out as somewhat of a floating hotel, they have grown to include offshore drilling as well as dredging and other options that are included with the size of their fleet. They are able to do so easily because of the way that their business model is set up and because of the experience that they have working with big ships in the past.

The story that is behind Cotemar Mexico’s offshore drilling is much different from the one that comes along with most drilling ships. While the majority of ships and companies that do offshore drilling got their start in the business, Cotemar Mexico got their start in a business that was slightly different. While it did involve ships and being on the sea, it was far from the offshore drilling company that they now are. Their success is directly related to how they started and comes from the way that they were originally a hotel.

Since Cotemar Mexico started as a hotel, they already had most of the things that they needed to be a drilling ship. They had the bunks for people to sleep in, the kitchen to make sure that they could be fed and all of the infrastructure that they needed to be able to spend months at sea.

The only thing that they were missing was the equipment that they would need to do the actual drilling with. Since they had already been making money from being a hotel on the sea, they were able to put those profits into the equipment that they needed to start drilling and dredging.


The switch from a company that focused almost exclusively on staying at sea to one that was able to use their equipment for drilling was not an easy one. They had a long way to go and they knew that being able to try new things would make the whole difference in whether or not they could make money. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

It was something that the company had to do and something that saved them from problems in the future. Now, they are more profitable than most of the other drilling companies that are in Mexico.

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