Clay Siegall: A Hero to Cancer Patients


Do soy-based foods interfere with breast cancer?

This is one popular question asked by people living with cancer or know affected loved ones. Soy-based foods include tofu, soy milk, and edamame. Previously, there were two studies put forward by scientists regarding soy-based foods.

Another study stated that taking soy-based foods can potentially interfere with the effectiveness of some cancer medication. A cancer epidemiologist, Fang Fang Zhang, and his team resolved this saying that the consumption of soy products does not affect cancer patients in any way. The study also showed that soy might be beneficial for some people affected by breast cancer.

Renewable Energy in Texas

Texas is the leading the way in the US regarding renewable energy. In the list of states producing renewable energy, Texas provides more than the next three states that follow it on the list combined. Georgetown, a city in Texas, has a population of over 50,000 people and relies entirely on renewable energy. It was one of the first cities to do so in the nation.

The decision to make it entirely dependent on renewable energy was due to city managers who decided to use it in 2012. The argument behind this was that its prices do not swing up and down as compared to another source of energy like oil. After the decision had been made, investments worth millions of dollars were brought into the city.

About Clay Siegall

Siegall has been the CEO and president of Seattle Genetics since 2002. In 1998, he helped create the company. In the last five years, Siegall has led the company successfully evident from the tripling in stock price. Recently, the company created a drug by the name ADCETRIS approved by the FDA.

Clay Siegall is focused and determined to improve therapies used by cancer patients. His primary duty as the CEO is to raise capital for Seattle Genetics and he excels very well in this sector.

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    Gary Neville March 27, 2017

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