CCMP Capital Announces The Sad News Of Stephen Murray’s Death

Stephen Murray is a renowned entrepreneur. He is the former CEO of CCMP Capital. After his departure from the CCMP a month prior to his demise, Chairman Greg Brenneman assumed the role of the CEO. Murray died at the age of 52 because of health related issues. A spokesman of the buyout organization confirmed the news. Murray had served the firm for almost two and half decades.

In a statement, Greg wrote that the company was saddened to learn about the passing away of the former partner and friend, Steve Murray. He continued to say that his deepest condolences as well as thoughts and prayers were with his wife and sons. Greg posited that his family was his pride and joy.

Stephen Murray is one of the people who founded CCMP. His investment acumen saw him succeed in various deals. Stephen spent much of his career focusing on private equity. In conclusion, Greg posited that Stephen played a crucial role in the success of CCMP.

Stephen Murray joined CCMP in 1989. He stayed with the company as it went through different ownership changes before becoming a stand-alone corporation in 2006. CCMP started in the early 1980’s. Initially, it was known as chemical venture partners, which was one of the divisions of Chemical Bank.

When Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Corporation merged, they brought together MH Capital Partners and Chemical Venture Partners. Soon after, Chemical Bank merged with the Chase Manhattan Bank.

He continued to provide leadership to the business until 2006 when the spin out was effected. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital left J.P. Morgan with Murray serving at the helm. CCMP was able to raise 2 more funds worth billions of dollars. The latest fund closed in September after collecting $3.6 billion.

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  1. Solomon Johnny February 20, 2017

    This way, Chase was incorporated into J.P. Morgan and Company. The buyout business was known as J.P. Morgan Partners. At J.P. Morgan Partners, Murray served as the head of the buyout business. There are things that could have achieved for a long time which is very nice.

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