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How Securus Technology has Made Significant Strides in Crime Prevention.

Securus Technologies gives resolutions to the technology that is needed in the civil and criminal justice in order to ensure safety in the society. They have developed systems that can help in investigations and help in sorting out the secrets that are in the cases involving crime and also when inmates wrong themselves.

They have constantly been getting responses from their clients as letters and emails in the USA. They are investigators, police and wardens who are solving crimes while maintaining peace in the prison facility. Inmates can feel safe and secure using the Securus technologies.

The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A Smith who is also the Chairman says that they usually come up with new products once in every week that keep up with inmate innovation. These products prevent crime within and without the prison confines. The comments in the customer messages regarding their services are; information extracted from a phone call that helped in settling a case of a corrupt staff who was then arrested for bringing in illegal things.

Some calls were made within a prison with an inmate who was taking drugs and also selling the drugs in prison. There were some information extracted that also involved a pending case on shooting. A civilian admitted to selling the drugs.

In short, Securus Technology has come up with ways to reduce the use of contraband in the cells. Rogue staff have also been caught and fired when they smuggle the illegal stuff. They are planning to hold meetings that aim at inviting clients to know more about their services. Buyers can go to their Technology Centre at Dallas Texas where they will discover more regarding solutions for crime prevention.

The company serves 3,450 facilities with more than a total of 1,200,000 inmates rendering information, statistics and allowing for communication between inmates and the outside world.


Why Securus Technologies is Utilized Inside Prison

In order to keep those behind prison walls as safe as possible, you have to be able to maintain a degree of order at all times. Keeping drugs out of the jail will not only keep m and my fellow officers safe, it helps to protect other inmates, staff members, and all the visitors that come to the jail each day. We deploy a number of resources each day in our efforts to maintain order, starting with some basics and then some that may seem a little unconventional.


Inside the visitor center, we have a team of officers that will take each visitor and scan them, run them through x-ray devices, or let the drug-sniffing dogs check them out. We do the same with the inmates before they are released back to their cells. This effort usually helps to keep the majority of drugs out of the jail, but it is not an exact science. We even will take the dogs to the cells and let them check for any contraband that may be hidden where we can not see.


Securus Technologies was instrumental in helping us to find any other drugs hiding inside the jail. The company makes inmate call monitoring systems, and the LBS software detects chatter from inmates on just about any terms. The system has been key in helping my team to locate the remaining drugs that the other resources we use may have missed.


This week alone, we have listened in on calls inmates are making where they are discussing how drugs can be sent in the mail, where in the jail property drugs can be hidden so they can not be assigned to one inmate, and we even heard one inmate tell his mother how to slip him her prescription drugs when she comes in the jail for her weekly visit.


Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention Products & Services to Help Build Safer Communities

Many companies are operating in the prison technology arena, but one of the firms that have achieved great heights of success in a relatively short period is Securus Technologies. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It has regional offices in Carrollton, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Allen, Texas.

The company understands the plight of the prisoners who have to stay away from their friends and relatives. It is because of this; the company continues to develop its inmate communication services. At present, it offers voicemail messaging services, phone services, e-mail services, money transfer services, video services, video visitation services, photo sharing services, and more. Such services have helped make the lives of prisoners much easier than before.

Securus Technologies is a company that continues to bring innovation in the field of crime prevention and inmate communication services. Over the years, the company has innovated and improved its services to a great extent for the benefit of the customers. The crime prevention service it provides such as LBS and Investigation PRO has helped in ways more than one to reduce the crime rate across the communities where Securus Technologies’ products are used.

In a press released published on the internet by Securus, the company has showcased the comments of police officers and law enforcement officials taken from the letter it receives on a regular basis. In the comments, the officials have thanked Securus Technologies for its services as it helps in catching the criminals with ease, and also getting the evidence needed to convict them in the court.

The services offered by Securus Technologies are highly advanced and are aimed at helping build safer communities. I use the services of Securus Technologies and know for sure how it helps in getting the crucial information to catch the offenders and stop them from committing malicious crimes.

Benefit From Talking More And Spending Less On Inmate Calls

Securus Technologies is widely known for being a top inmate regulator in select states providing monitoring, surveillance, and communication security. Have you tried to stay connected to your loved ones and experienced dropped calls? They ensure that you get every call that is permitted under your service agreement. A recent PRN Newswire article reported that they were awarded the BBB Accreditation because of their high level of customer service satisfaction. Securus listens to their customers and provides the services that you can guarantee will give you more talk time and leave you spending far less than other inmate calling networks.


There is over 16,000+ IT professionals that are trained in communication, security, and communication security to ensure that you will have a live professional standing by when you need one. Securus secures their inmate calling network to ensure that their customers will continue to be a long time customer. Their features are as simple as visiting their exclusive website and registering for an account. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid checking or credit card. You will never want to go back to your former network after being a part of Securus Technologies.


Securus Features


Inmate Voicemail


You can inmate voicemail features that will allow your loved ones to retrieve and receive messages. Inmate’s can also get this feature from their commissary with a one time fee associated with inmate voicemail services.


Prepaid Calling Features


You can get prepaid services through Securus and have minutes to talk to your loved ones when and where you want from any device including your smartphone. They offer this feature over the phone and directly through their website. You’re invited to become a part of the award winning Securus Technologies family today.


How Securus Is Connecting Families During the Festive Season

Securus was founded in 1986. It provides prisoner communication services, information management systems to government, and tracking of people that are on parole. Its headquarters is in Dallas, TX and has four more offices in the area and one in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has grown since it was founded. It has nearly 1000 employees today.

Securus’ clients include local and county governments and the departments of corrections in a state. Securus installs and maintains the infrastructure that they set up at a low fee so that more facilities can get to benefit from the excellent services that they offer. It has made some acquisitions in recent years to bolster and better the services that if offers. Some of the companies that it has acquired include CellBlox, Archonix Systems, Telerus, and Guarded Exchange.


Some of the services that Securus offers today are telecom, video visitation, jail management, wireless forensics, wireless containment, and data analytics for law enforcement. The company’s Secure Call Platform has grown to become one of its popular products. The call service offers authorities the option of recording calls which are then stored by Securus in a secure manner. This ensures that unauthorized parties do not access the information and an external party does not manipulate it. The company also offers jail voicemail to ensure that messages reach the inmates.


Its video visitation service has been heralded as revolutionary and innovative. Onsite Video Visitation allows visitors to schedule their visits in advance and at a convenient time to them. It is just like through-the-glass visitation, but it eliminates long lines and allows for better planning beforehand.


Anywhere Visit allows inmates to communicate with family and friends who are on the outside. This has opened up the number of ways that loved ones can share experiences with those who are incarcerated. Securus put out a video that shows a video visit between a son and his father on Christmas day. The son is at home and tells the father that he was waiting for him so that he could open his presents. The son then opens them and shows them to his father. This is something that would not have been possible with Anywhere Visit. The father gets to see his family even on holidays and spend time with them. It enables family members and friends to talk to each other and share their holiday experiences.

Why Securus Technologies exposed GTL’s misconduct

The level of misconduct experienced in the communication correction industry is surprising. GTL is a communication company that has participated in multiple misconducts in the recent past. Reports indicate that GTL has a lot to answer regarding increasing call rates and tampering with telephone equipment in correction facilities. In a bid to make things right, Securus Technologies had to expose GTL for all their misconducts and their wrong doings. Securus’ CEO indicate that the first press release is only the beginning of GTL’s exposure, as there are lots information about misconducts by GTL the company will expose. Get the latest news on Linkedin about Securus.


Securus Technologies is a communication company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has served many facilities involved in the correction and law enforcement agencies across different parts of the United States. The organization has a total commitment to honesty above gaining profits and cash.


GTL is a competitor communication company that uses unfair practices to increase their profits. Recent information and press release has seen GTL being exposed for their misconduct. The data reveals that GTL charges their callers more than the required maximum call rates. The company further adds a few seconds to their calls through tampering of communication devices. They charge callers for time they never used. In some cases, the company charged callers twice above the required minimal amount. The practices have placed a burden on prisoners that use the telephone services. Taxpayers and families have been affected with the increased charges. The unfair business practice shows nothing but greed with GTL Company.


Securus Technologies continues to expand and offer its services to more than 1 million inmates in over 3,000 correction facilities, law enforcement agencies, and public safety places. The company has its services based in North America but offers communication equipment to other parts of United States. Securus Technologies continues to become a leading technology and inmate company. Early in the year, the company received an A- rating. The rating was done by Better Business Bureau and was based on the nature of customer services offered by the enterprise.