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Richard Blair And His Advice On Temporary Renting

Insurance is a key factor to be considered when renting on Airbnb. Additionally, there are other considerations to be made prior to renting out part or the entire house. That is because for many people, offering their houses for rent seems like an easy and quick means of making money. A homeowner can get the money needed to pay for their house by hosting travelers temporarily. Yet, some recent events have shown that unexpected complications can happen.

The temporary renters can cause damage to the property, which is not covered by the homeowner insurance. As a result, unanticipated financial and legal issues may arise from the problems. Ultimately, addressing the problems may end up costing more money than what a homeowner made from hosting temporary guests. Therefore, there are some issues to consider prior to renting a house via Airbnb and similar organizations. The three major concerns include protection, insurance and risks.

The risks associated with renting n Airbnb vary. It all depends on the type of tenants a homeowner takes in. A homeowner is liable for any injury to the guest, damage to their property or the nearby properties. In addition, a property owner is responsible for illegal activities, theft, and lawsuits resulting from the conduct of the guests. For insurance coverage, many temporary rentals are not covered by insurance policies. For this reason, a homeowner is responsible for the paid guests’ expenses. Additionally, Airbnb and similar organizations provide secondary protection. That means it only arrives once a homeowner’s resources are exhausted.

Before renting on Airbnb, it is recommended that people seek for the guidance of insurance professionals. Additionally, the views of a wealth investment manager are essential. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is one of the professionals that can help a homeowner on the correct option. He can also provide the best advice for any situation.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is certified fund specialist and a registered investment advisor. He is the owner of Wealth Solutions, an Austin, Texas based investment advisory company. He established the firm with the objective of positively transforming the lives of families and small business owners. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions provide advisor services, information on funds, and financial planning to high net worth individuals. For over 22 years, Richard Blair has helped individuals and business owners to attain their investment objectives. That is through is expertise in integrated financial planning, estate tax and planning, asset protection, securities, employee benefits, and insurance.

David Osio and Davos Launch New App

David Osio, founder, executive director, and CEO of Davos Financial Group graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988. After about a decade, from 1996 to 1998, David Osio completed his specialization n Caracas at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies. He began his career as Director in the Legal Desk MGO in Venezuela Providing legal advice to clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro. He obtained a managerial position at Banco Latino International, a commercial banking institution, in Miami. In 1989 David Osio became vice president where he had responsibilities defining strategies. While working with the bank he increased the bank’s international portfolio.

Davos Financial Group works with banks worldwide to maintain brokering agreements and advice on risk analysis, asset allocation, reports consolidated investment, and much more.


Davos Real Estate Group(REG) announced a new mobile application they are launching Davos CAP Calculator in a statement to its customers. Over the last six months, the Executive Director of Davos REG(Gerard González), and the company Tecknolution have been working on the development and design of the new app. The app estimates the return on real estate investments that catch the client’s interest and allows the customer to estimate the gain of a property after considering the expenses associated with the property. It’s currently available on both Android and iPhone devices. With the app the price of rent and be estimated on property that suits the customer’s income best. You can also estimate the price to rent of property best suited to your projected income. There will also be a mortgage calculator included which allows clients to estimate their mortgage through projections by the funding period, bank, and associated rate of interest.


The Davos CAP Calculator is the first to come in a series of complementary apps released by DFG. Future apps with have the ability to identify properties with your mobile device. You will also be able to forward historical real estate reports to Davos agents through an interactive chat feature.

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Venezuela’s Brightest Strategically Spreads his Capital Influence

In a globalized banking landscape, the intuitively intelligent of even isolationist countries have not only gained way into the world’s market, but have shown they can thrive among others. Given current trends, it is only natural that Venezuela, a stalwart of old world sentiment, enters the global league of financiers.

The country’s people must be proud as David Osio carves a new precedent into the world of corporate financing. Osio has bridged the gap, as he has major deals with worldwide banks in historical and relevant cities including New York, Panama, and Geneva. As an alumni of the prestigious Venezuelan institution of education, the Andres Bello Catholic University, his foundation is firmly rooted in one of South America’s finest schools.

David Osio’s modest roots take him back to the simple post-grad days of the Venezuelan coffee export business. However, Osio’s robust educational background in law and business, combined with the clout of a solid foundation, quickly propelled him to the top of his homeland’s ladder. Poised to succeed, after excelling while working for others, Osio understood that he needed to take his fate by the reins; consequently; the man would create what is now his country’s most powerful conglomerate, the Davos Financial Group. This personally invested group of independent companies focuses on various but specific financial advising areas, including ever important capital allocation tips.

While his work from 1989-1993 was not completely independent, it gave Osio the necessary knowledge and connections to succeed as he branched out to Miami. There, David Osio immersed himself in a plethora of raw American-Latino culture that is a wonderful presence in that area. Having practiced his adaptability for four years, he has sharpened his negotiation skills with key foreign entities, readily exercising his talents across the globe.

Truly unique individuals are hard to come by, and Osio’s is the perfect pinnacle of power and moderation. While he acts as a financial maverick, he does not forget to humble himself, and those around him. David Osio’s supports a number of charities including the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and Fundana. Giving to those in need goes back to his solid foundation at a quality Catholic University.

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