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Inside The Drought with Andy Wirth on KCRW

Being an avid listener of KCRW I stumbled open an amazing interview on my way to work. Press Play with Madeleine Brand is generally what is on when I’m heading to work in the mornings. This particular episode really resonated with me because it was on an important topic. Madeleine was hitting on the upcoming drought and what impact it would have on ski resorts.

Her guest, Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, had plenty to say about this topic. With a decrease in moisture and less snow coming in, Brand wanted to know first off how business was doing. With annual snowfall 25% down from previous seasons, Andy admitted that he barely noticed the lack of snow, when it came to sales and his resorts staying packed with families and friends all playing and having a great time. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

During this interview, Madeleine wanted to know what his plans were for the upcoming El Niño. Mr. Wirth express no concern at all and was thrilled to explain what measures could be taken to ensure his guest would have memorable moments at his ski resort. He gave thanks to the advancements in science. Wirth comments that science gives him the ability to make snow if needed during dry seasons, with low snowfall.

Andy Wirth, born a German native in 1963, had visions of making a better future for Squaw Valley and Alpines ski resorts. To the people who know Andy, many would note his kindness and genuine personality. Ask around and you may end up hearing about his inspirational run-in with a team of navy seals who happened to be training on his resort.


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