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Peter Briger; A Financial Investment Expert

The Peter Briger has been an influential figure at Fortress serving at the frontline as a principal and co-chairman of the board of directors. He joined the company in 2002 as part of the management committee. He has steadily risen through the ranks owing to his dedication and exemplary skills and expertise in asset-based investing.

Before joining Fortress,Peter Briger served at Goldman Sachs for almost 15 years gaining valuable experience and perfecting skills in the finance world. He has displayed exemplary leadership in the company earning spots in some committees within the company. View Peter Briger’s profile on Linkedin

To give back to the community and the serve the society, Peter Briger sits in boards such as ate Hospital for Special Surgery, Global Fund for Children, Princeton University Investment Company and the Central Park Conservancy. These boards in one way or the other focus on uplifting the lives of the less-fortunate and ensuring environmental resource protection.

At Fortress, Peter Briger has contributed much to the success of the company. For instance, he is credited with the establishment of the Fortress Credit business which has today grown beyond the borders. He has been part of major strategic decisions at the company. Briger together with other executive members managed the successful acquisition of RailAmerica and the Canadian company Intrawest. He was part of the team that contributed to the successful launch of FIG’s IPO in 2007, becoming the first hedge fund in the US to achieve such a milestone.

With the experience gained and business connections made in the Asian markets during his tenure at Goldman, he was instrumental in the acquisition of Fortress by Softbank. Recently, the business big-wig was included in the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) Board of Directors team under the intellectual agenda. He was named as one of the professionals in Forbes 400. He holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business at and a BA degree from Princeton University.

For almost two decades, Fortress Investment has tapped into Peter Briger’s business acumen. He continues to be a force to reckon with in the financial investment sector. He remains a hero in his quarters supporting community service undertakings.

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Organo Gold- Bring Health to the Globe

Organo Gold is changing the way people think about health. Founded by marketing expert Bernardo T. Chua, Organo Gold has made a name for itself by selling a variety of products to help people find balance and health in their live. Organo has built a unique distributing system to get their products all over the world.

Organo Gold creates products in three basic groups: beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products. The company uses independent distributors to sell these products in nearly fifty different countries. Organo Gold has discovered a unique mushroom known as Ganoderma lucidum, also known as reishi. Experts believe ganoderma has some incredible health benefits which include improving cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol, improving energy and even preventing cancer. Organo has used ganoderma in it’s coffee and thus made one of the most popular beverages on the planet healthy. Furthermore you can find ganoderma in other beverages made by the company which include hot chocolate, tea and lattes.

Organo does much more than just make drinks. The company has a number of personal care products that they distribute across the globe. Both G3 beauty soap and their OG smile toothpaste have had tremendous success. Both products contain ganoderma along with other healthy ingredients which include grape seed oil and glutathione. Furthermore these products have the ability to cleanse and strengthen the desired area. Organo also produces a number of body management tools that help their clients to find balance and well-being.

Organo Gold has made a global impact. Their focus continues to be on providing healthy tools that help people find balance in their lives. With a successful track record, the company appears set for much success for years to come.

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Whitney Wolfe Believes in Making Things Better for Women

The ideas Whitney Wolfe has for success in the future help her run her company the best way. She knows Bumble needs someone who knows what they’re doing and she’s the perfect person for the job. She also knows things change for women in the app dating world and she wants to be there to make those changes better.

The app dating industry saw a lot of changes from the time it started until now. Whitney Wolfe knew this. She also felt things would get better if women played an active role in the app dating world. Since she spent so much time trying to find the best way for the app dating world to work, she knew she had the right idea. She also knew focusing on women could help her make the best choices when it came to her own app. With Bumble, more people have the chance to see positive experiences than they ever did in the past. Read this article at to know more about Wolfe.

As long as Bumble continues getting better, more people have the opportunity to enjoy the app dating world. Bumble allows women to make the first move and make sure they maintain control over different situations. Whitney Wolfe knew she wanted Bumble to give women the power and control in app dating. This was something that had never happened in the past and Wolfe made sure the app had everything women needed to feel successful while doing app dating.

Whitney Wolfe also felt things would only get better if more women were active in the industry. She wanted to hire many women to help run the app dating company. Not only did she hire women to handle the menial tasks in the company but she also found female developers who could make the app even better. Her entire company focuses on women and how she can empower them. By hiring women and keeping her office focused on females and their contributions to the app dating world, she’s giving them more power than ever before. It’s the first time in the history of app dating that a company has more females than males.



A Popular Podcast Goes Over Sahm Adrangi’s Short Ideas

Seeking Alpha has a popular podcast called Behind the Idea. They recently interviewed Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager Sahm Adrangi who is well-known as a trader that often takes short positions on publically traded firms. On this podcast, they asked about his recent short idea and what types of advanced techniques he and his team at Kerrisdale Capital Management take when it comes to shorting stocks.

There’s been a lot of talk during this long bull market that hedge funds are out of style. The trend is towards index investing where you just own the whole market. Others espouse strategies such as quant or other mechanical approaches to investing. However, as Sahm Adrangi shows there is still plenty of room for a manager who analyzes stocks and companies and then selects among them. He says that he hasn’t had too much difficulty investing long in good stocks and shorting companies that he sees as not delivering.

One of the companies who stock Sahm Adrangi recently shorted is Proteostasis (PTI). He and his analysts went over this firm’s Phase 2 data for their lead drug candidate and saw some big issues with it. This company is trying to develop a drug candidate to treat cystic fibrosis. The lead drug candidate, PTI-428, claimed there was a 5.2 percent increase in lung performance shown in their latest clinical trial. He said this was nonsense and the drug barely did better than a placebo.

The Behind the Idea podcast series also talked about another one of his shorts which was St. Joe. This is a Florida land developer that owns a huge tract of land. The long-time plan for this land is to build a giant residential and commercial development. Sahm Adrangi looked into this land and found out it is desolate swamp land in the middle of nowhere. He says there is absolutely no viable way St. Joe’s plan for this land is going to ever be realized. He said that St. Joe was valued at $1 billion with much of that value based on this land. He sees St. Joe as being nowhere worth that amount of money.