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The Chainsmokers’ “Somebody” Video Looks Fun but Hard

It is always fund to see an artist at work. Especially one that has mastered his craft. In the tiny making-of video that the Chainsmokers just released, they give us that insight. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are both in it, making sound mixing look easy. The truth is the video also shows how hard created a mixed song is.


For one thing you have to find all the individual sounds that will be used. One can forget that an EDM song, which is the usual fare of the Chainsmokers, is a series of conjoined sounds. One can also forget that such sounds are recorded separately. In the video Pall plays an audio recording, he then increases the pitch on it by speeding it up. He explains that it does not quite fit because they initially wrote it for another song. He then adds it to the other track and magic happens.


Before Pall we see Taggart recording various sounds using a synthesizer and a piano, when Pall plays a snippet of the completed track all three sounds come together. The duo makes it look so simple, especially with the way the little video is cut. But it is obvious that the work is painstaking and finite.


The song is their soon to be released single, “Somebody”. As the Chainsmokers enjoy much success with charting songs, “Somebody” has a good chance showing up on a few lists. The EDM duo first hit the mainstream in 2014, with the release of “#Selfie”, since then they have enjoyed much success.


One can imagine Pall and Taggart working through the night on “Somebody”, listening intently to every little sound, editing them together with picky precision. It looks like it consists of a lot of computer sitting, intermixed with level adjusting. One can see the two sitting in the booth, while sound after sound is recorded in the studio, each one being nitpicked thoroughly. The Chainsmokers sound has always been unique, and watching this video one can respect the hard work that goes into making it that way.