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Energy Shortage Forces Venezuela To Shorten Work Week Even Further

Venezuela has dealt with a number of crisis over the years. A shortage of goods and services, lack of currency and high inflation, just to name a few. But just when the citizens thought things couldn’t get any worse, the country is in the grips of an energy shortage. To deal with the shortage, the government has implemented a 2-day work week. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa explains that this means the public sector workers will only work on Mondays and Tuesdays until the crisis is over.
President Nicolas Maduro blames the decision on drought due to El Nino. Critics, on the other hand, accuse the government of mismanagement. Maduro assured citizens that the order would be lifted as soon as the country begins to see rain.

Although many countries have been hit by the energy crisis, Venezuela is by far the largest country Velasquez Figueroa added, with the highest energy consumption. The country is trying a number of options to help the situation.