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Talkspace Why it is Nothing Like the Free Online Therapy Websites?

People who have never tried online therapy often mistake it for the free counseling that is offered by many companies. Online therapy by reliable companies such as Talkspace is professional and is affordable. Unlike other online counseling websites, Talkspace have registered therapists from all around the world that is available all day and night for their clients. Before talking more about their services, let us discuss the difference between free online counseling and online therapy.

Free online counseling is offered by unregistered or unlicensed therapists who do this part-time. They are the ones whom you can talk to about your problems, but cannot expect any treatment from them. It is only the licensed therapists who can help assess your situation and offer proper therapy that will be beneficial for you. Many of the free online therapy websites are also created to get personal information from people and use it for different purposes. Professional online therapists do not share the personal information of their clients with a third-party making them perfectly safe.

If you have been suffering from some mental issues that have been ongoing for a few years, it might be time to try online therapy. Some people cannot afford traditional therapy since insurance does not cover them. But, online therapy is available to everyone and costs one-fourth of what people give for traditional therapy sessions. A person also does not have to disclose to anyone that they are taking therapy sessions as many fear that they will be judged for their actions.

Talkspace offers its clients with the facility to speak to their counselors through different ways such as audio messages, text messages, video chats and more. Clients have the freedom to choose their convenient time and when they feel like. Talkspace has helped counseling reach out to more people that were left out of traditional therapy market.