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Clay Siegal, Seattle Genetics, & Success In Two Industries

Success does not come easy in any industry, much less, in two industries at the same time. nonetheless, Clay Siegal has been able to accomplish this with his company Seattle genetics. As impressive as that is, both Clay Siegal and his company have much bigger plans in store. Since establishing Seattle Genetics in 1998, Clay Siegal has focused his attention on multiple disease therapies, remedies, and other forms of formulas to benefit those affected in with any illness. Specifically, Clay Siegal and Seattle Genetics have made huge leas and strides in the battle against cancer. With their capabilities, Seattle Genetics has created antibody-based cancer killers that, as of recently, have been accepted and praised by the United States Food and Drug Administration. For those who are unaware, it is extremely difficult to get anything approved and acknowledged by the FDA and, the fact that Clay Siegal & Seattle Genetics have been able to pass with flying colors shows that they are an effective source as a company. As for the two companies they have thrived in, Clay Siegal has helped Seattle Genetics combine knowledge from both the tech and health industries. As far as most people are concerned, they have been one of the first to make this happen. With that said, here is more on Clay Siegal and how he has prospered with his company Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegal & His Successes With Seattle Genetics

As hinted at before, Seattle Genetics has been more than successful as an oncology biotechnology company. Their contributions to both fields have made them somewhat of a pioneer for other companies and executives to take not from. Needless to say, Clay Siegal and Seattle Genetics are breaking barriers that, not too long ago, were not even thought of as barriers. For example, their tremendous work has people questioning if their success will make them a goal for acquisition or a target for expansion in the local industrial market. In an article on Seattle Genetics & this issue, the article explains how Seattle Genetics is already on a steep growth trajectory. Because of Clay Siegal and his excellent leadership skills, other businesses are making adjustments and are adapting to the successes of Seattle Genetics. In addition to that, the article also makes light of the fact that in recent years, their sales have reached upwards and past the $300 million mark. in other words, considering their successful past, their future seems to be just as successful.