Betsy DeVos and Spirit

Mrs. DeVos is America’s new manager of the Education Department. At the same time, you ought to be aware that America’s Vice President Mr. Pence has stated that he believes that his vote to authorize her as America’s new leader of the Education Department in the Senate was a good thing to do. Moreover, he believes that this vote will assist just about all of America’s young ones to have the benefit of an excellent chance to acquire the very best education possible. On the other hand, you ought to bear in mind that Mrs. DeVos supports charter schools.


Furthermore, you ought to be mindful that charter schools are non-public academic institutions which happen to be to a certain extent funded by government assets. Along the same lines, Mrs. DeVos’ home state of Michigan is a location that has been used for the development of charter educational facilities for many years. However, Mrs. DeVos was attacked by the liberals for making a public statement wherein she claimed that she believed it was acceptable for students to carry firearms if they needed to protect themselves from wild animals.


Moreover, you should be informed that this assertion was an announcement that attained her a caricature in the satirical “Saturday Night Live” broadcast TV show. On top of that, you should give some thought to the idea that if you consider her statements, it happens to be unambiguous that her campaign to get exposure for private academic facilities will certainly continue since she is now America’s leader of the Education Department. On the same subject, you should keep in mind that Mrs. DeVos and her husband are both staunch Protestants.


At the same time, you should consider the fact that the DeVos husband and wife team are politically remarkably dominant in their state of Michigan, which adjoins the Great Lakes. However, you should also understand that Mrs. DeVos’ appointment in the Senate was very controversial. Hence, for one of the very few times in historical knowledge, and also because the Constitution makes it possible for him to do this in case there is a tie, the Vice President Mr. Pence functioned as a tiebreaker during the vote to approve Mrs. DeVos’ appointment in the Senate.


Additionally, the Vice President Mr. Pence cast his vote to support Mrs. DeVos’ appointment in the Senate, and he thereby generated the conclusive vote authenticating her scheduled appointment in the role of America’s newest leader of the Education Department.


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