Awesome Travel Destinations to Enjoy and to Protect

People get so busy in the daily hustle and bustle of their lives, that they often miss the beauty that the world has to offer. Whether its across town, a few states away, or in another country, there are great eco-conscious travel destinations that can help people to connect to nature.


Amazing Places to Visit


  1. Tobago, Caribbean Islands- The small island is a heavy weight when it comes to big nature! It is also one of the top eco-conscious destinations possessing one of the world’s most magical rainforest. Here on this island, you can take pleasure in kayaking through the swamps and hiking through the rainforest! Relish in Tobago by sightseeing their large variety of birds.


  1. Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park, Colorado- Who says that you have to venture outside of the U.S to enjoy the wild? Whether it is winter or summer, Rocky Mountain National Park has plenty of activities and adventures to offer. One can enjoy hiking up the trails to wildlife watch. With this excursion, you can see animals such as: elks, deer, and coyotes in their natural habit. Or you can become one with nature by wildness camping. There is no better way to become one with the wild than by camping overnight in the parks. No matter what the adventure is, you will leave with a better appreciate for the wild!


No doubt, that these two places will give you the peace of mind that you need from your busy life. However, as great as these destinations are, they still need to be protected in order for people to continue enjoying them.


Meet Wild Ark


Wild Ark is a company who is dedicated to educating people about the wild; while proactively encouraging them to protect it. How does the company do this? By creating affordable travel experiences to help people understand nature. These trips cover anywhere from the Kruger National Park and Botswana in South Africa to Australia; and can last anywhere from six days to one month.


As you can see, there are wonderful places to go all over the world. Take a break from life and experience some of these wild beauties. While you’re at it, why not join Wild Ark to help protect the nature that you enjoy?

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