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Everyone fears cancer but cancer fears Eric Lefkosky

No one wants to hear the word cancer. That one simple word can bring the biggest and strongest person to their knees, but not Eric Lefkosky, he dug his heels into the dirt. He decided that he was going to build a new business that would utilize data that could assist in the field of oncology and cancer.He was seeing that far too many people were being left in the dark when it came to their cancer treatment plan and what all could be done for them. This was unfair and unjust because the patient was already carrying a heavy load. Eric felt that a physician should be offering a multitude of options that were personalized with the patient in mind.

Eric Lefkosky is an entrepreneur driven by building data based businesses. He identified a huge problem with cancer patients receiving treatments that may not reflect their needs. He knew that he had to fix it. Tempus was born.Tempus is a company that was developed by utilizing an operating system for cancer. Tempus is building one of the largest libraries in the world that consists of clinical and molecular data.The operating system then uses the collected data so that it is useful and accessible. All the information is compiled into one place which allows doctors to become better informed. It also allows them to formulate a far better treatment plan that is personalized to the patient.

Tempus uses genetic makeup, various drugs, medical history from identical patients that worked. Collaboration with physicians and researchers are developing novel automation and cell culture technology. This allows screening of therapies that are best.Eric immersed himself in learning all he could about health care. He read a lot and talked to doctors and patients about what they needed. Patients are more than a number and dollar amount and their lives matter. Eric Lefkosky and Tempus are their voice.

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Todd Lubar – the passionate entrepreneur

According to Yelp; Mr. Todd Lubar is the current President of TDL Global Ventures Company. He is a businessman who has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry of real estate. Apart from the real estate industry, Mr. Lubar has worked in several industries such as the mortgage banking industry, construction industry, and entertainment industry.

Mr. Lubar is passionate about helping members of the community in achieving their goals. It is from his passion for helping people that he came with the idea of TDL Global Ventures Company. Mr. Todd believes that through TDL Global Ventures he has managed to find a way of breaking the barrier that prevents people from getting the much-needed loans. Through TDL Global Ventures, consumers can now have the product and programs they have been searching all along.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Todd comprehends that whenever there is a will, there must be away. This implies that ideas must be combined with the will of making them work. It is because of the will of bringing ideas into life; Mr. Todd Lubar was able to venture into the business of real estate.

Mr. Todd appreciates that the best way to be productive in the entrepreneurship world is to keep yourself hyper-organized. This will help you known and understand what is going on every level of business. As a result, you will be the position of making very informed decisions.

About Mr. Todd Lubar

Before venturing into the industry of real estate, Mr. Todd Lubar worked as a loan originator with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, from which he gained skills in conservative mortgage banking. In 1999, Lubar made a big step towards building his career. This involves accepting the equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. This gave Todd the opportunity of expanding his lending knowledge. With this particular skill, Todd is in the excellent position of offering loans to outside investors.

By his continued involvement in the industry of Mortgage Banking, Todd managed to open a Chartered Funding Firm, which was a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. Through this particular venture, Todd was in a position of accessing overwhelming wealth. Therefore, the remaining option was to expand on his business activities. Follow Todd Lubar on Twitter.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus New Edition in the Battle against Breast Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the founding partners and the CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a technical establishment founded to battle cancer through the use of an operating system. He is also the co-founder at several other technology organizations including Lightbank, Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), Uptake technologies, Echo Global Logistics (NASDAQ: ECHO), and InnerWorkings (NASDAQ: INWK).MrLefkofsky and his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation back in 2006. The purpose of the organization was to ensure high-impact initiatives that enhanced the lives of individuals it served.Tempus organization recently partnered with the University of Chicago medicine in March 2017. This collaboration is aimed at assisting the doctors at the university with data so that they can offer better breast cancer treatment to patients.

Tempus declares that it will examine data from a thousand breast cancer patients so that it can help medical practitioners to discern patterns that can foresee how the patients will respond to treatment.Dr. OlufunmilayoOlopade, a medic at the University of Chicago, explained in a statement that there is little accessible information on the masses of patients that have battled breast cancer despite it being the most common type of cancer. Consequently, medical practitioners are forced to make treatment decisions in the absence of genetic data that could assist in making better informed and accurately targeted decisions.

The doctor was therefore happy of the new collaboration between the university and Tempus.Tempus incorporates machine learning and genomic sequencing to aid physicians make real-time, personalized treatment decisions. Tempus has collaborated with many other establishments apart from University of Chicago in using data to fight cancer. These include Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, Rush University Medical Center, Penn Medicine, University of Michigan, and the Mayo Clinic.

Online Reputation Management Is A Proven Way To Promote Your Company

Are you searching for a reliable reputation management firm, which can help you protect your business? Ready to portray a great impression to the world and grow your business? If you’re serious about running a successful business, it is crucial to enlist the services of a renowned online reputation management firm. There are many professionals and firms out there rendering good services to those who need reputation monitoring and reputation management services.

There are several reasons why it is absolutely essential to hire an online reputation management team to handle the management of your credibility. The process can be extremely tedious and time-consuming but a well-trained and experienced team of professionals can handle it for you effectively.

These days, numerous people conduct online search before deciding where to make a purchase. Because of this, it has become necessary to organizations that offer products or service to consumers to take steps to ensure a great reputation. If you ignore or postpone this essential issue, you’re definitely going to have a tough time achieving great success in whatever you do.

It is a fact that in the business environment it is almost impossible to please or satisfy every customer or client. Hence, there is always the possibility that someone might not be happy with the quality of service or product provided and publishes derogatory blog post or negative review about your services or your company. Having such negative content about company can be devastating. Besides this, malicious competitors can also post negative remarks just to damage your reputation online.

If you take the time to find a good company to handle this essential aspect of a business for organization or company, you will have peace of mind in knowing that any threats or attacks will be handled appropriately. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a team of professionals that has an established history of delivering top notch reputation management solutions.

These professionals have expertise in social media, search engine optimization and digital marketing techniques, which enable them to suppress negative content in search results.

Brad Reifler: A Well Known Personality In The World Of Finance

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and finance enthusiast who has led numerous companies through the course of his vast career. One of his best-known ventures os Forefront Capital, for which he served as the CEO for a long time. Currently, Forefront Capital runs in partnership with Edelweiss Financial services, running under their name.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler Brad worked for the company since 2009. Since then, the company has experienced a tremendous amount of growth, which can be attributed to the hard work and dedication that Brad had for the company.

PR Newswire posited that Brad Reifler is also known for leading another large company, called Pali Capital, which provided financial advice and services to businesses all over the world. It helped small business and large organizations with all their financial matters, through their team of expert analysts and advisors. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Through the years, working with a vast number of companies, Brad Reifler has managed to garner certain skills, which have to help him develop and be the business leader he is today. Brad is known through the financial field as someone who has a great deal of knowledge and who always focuses on what’s best for the clients that he serves.

Before working for Pali Capital, Brad Reifler worked at Refco. Here, he was one of the best traders in the company, which brought the company a lot of profits, which in turn led the company to a path of success. In fact, one of Brad Reifler first endeavors in the business of finance was a company called Reifler Trading Company, which later partnered with Refco to become the company it is today.

Brad started working in the sector of finance right after passing out of college. He received his degree from Bowdoin College. After that, he gained valuable work experience by working with multiple companies and clients, advising them on their financial matters.

Some of the companies that he has worked for through the course of his career include Sino Mercury and European American Investment Bank. After working at these businesses as a trading and financial advisor, he worked as Genesis Bank as the director of the company.

End the Buying of Elections!

On my son’s 18th birthday, he told me that he did not need any presents because he already got the greatest gift of all from the United States Government. He was officially a US citizen! One of the most important rights of being a citizen is involvement in elections. Unfortunately, the power of individual citizens in elections is threatened by big businesses, special interests and lack of transparency in campaign finance.

Beginning The Buy Out

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court heard a case called Citizens United vs. F.E.C. That decision ruined elections for average citizens. This decision virtually eliminated accountability and transparency in campaign finance. The court applied some faulty logic in ruling that “corporations are people” which makes no sense except to ensure that billions of dollars from big business go untraceable into campaign coffers to influence politics. These corporate “citizens” are, first and foremost, interested in making more money. After all, that is the goal of business. However, governing needs to be about more than that. Pursuit of the mighty dollar often contradicts the role of government in protecting “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness“.

What’s the Answer?

Obviously, the easiest solution is to overturn the Citizens United decision. However, that is a short term fix for what is going to be an ongoing problem. There is a PAC called End Citizens United which has a longer term strategy. ECU champions a Constitutional amendment that would reverse Citizens United thus preventing any future similar situations. This solution represents a permanent fix to campaign financing inequities and limits the role of big money in our government.

Making this work is going to take a lot. ECU started by supporting candidates from all parties that support meaningful campaign finance reform. End Citizens United hopes that by working to elect officials that believe in a government by and for the people they can get the law changed. More importantly, electing sympathetic representatives is the first step in getting an amendment to the Constitution putting a permanent stop to buying elections.

How Can I Help?

First, go to the End Citizens United website and see where your state candidates stand on campaign finance reform. The group has a questionnaire that they ask candidates to fill out especially if ECU is going to donate to their campaign. This way you will understand if the person you are supporting is a champion of campaign finance reform.

Second, ask your representatives to support reform. If they don’t already support this type of legislation let them know that you want them to change that.

Third, get involved! Tell your friends and neighbors about the issue. Be brave and bold about your support for meaningful campaign finance reform and bring an end to the buying of elections.

Lime Crime to Launch A New Hair Product Line, Unicorn Hair Dyes

Lime Crime is irrefutably the most popular brand among unicorns. It was founded by the queen of unicorns herself, Doe Deere. She formed the brand back in the year 2004 but did not have the courage to turn it into a company. Lime Crime was born out of a passion of Doe Deere. She remembers that in her sewing days, she would design and make brightly colored clothes but would not get makeup that was bright enough to match. So, she had the idea to help her fellow unicorns access bright makeup.



When she first started Lime Crime, back in the year 2004, the company was only an EBay account. Then, she would sell eyeshadows, glitters and brushes. Four years down the line and she decided to challenge herself to launch Lime Crime as a company. In the year 2012, Lime Crime started producing velvetines. They were the very first online makeup company to showcase their lipstick shades on lips. Instead of swabbing on a piece of paper, they though exhibitioning with lips would give clients a real idea how they would look like when wearing the lipsticks.



Velvetines became the best thing that lipstick lovers had ever known. Again, this lipsticks came in the wildest colors. This lipsticks will stay a whole day without the need to retouch. Just swab a little oil when you are ready to remove it.



Today Lime Crime continue quenching the thirst for bright lipsticks through a variety of textures. And they now plan to expand to hair beauty. Launching soon is their Unicorn hair. In this line, the company plans on producing 11 different shades of hair dyes. This is for all those who have come to love their unicorn makeup products, but were always worried that there were no hair dyes that would really match them.



If you follow them on Instagram you have probably seen names like Dirty Mermaid and Bunny. Theses hair dyes are free of ammonia, bleach or peroxides. They are made with the vegans in mind and have the promise of maintaining the health of your hair



A Look at Equities First in South Africa

Equities First Holdings, LLC, is an international financial firm that was founded in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Founder and President of the company is Al Christy, Jr. It has since its founding established offices in other countries around the world including in South Africa and more information click here.

Equity First Holdings offers stock-based loans to other businesses that are looking to raise capital, as well as high net worth individuals. The loans do not need to be spent on any specific purpose, unlike most traditional loans. Many of Equity First Holdings clients use the loans to hire additional staff, acquire new facilities, or to power their marketing efforts in order to reach new clients and markets.

After the market upheaval of 2007-2008 many traditional lenders enacted lending standards that many companies and individuals fail to meet. This is especially the case in South Africa. Equity First Holdings is able to offer these clients an alternative source of capital so that there is no disruption to their business or lives.

The terms of the stock-based loans are generally more favorable than a traditional loan. The interest rates are lower and the terms of the loan are more friendly to the entity that is seeking it. Once the loan is complete Equity First Holdings receives an amount of stock that is equal to the loan value. Equity First Holdings can either hold onto the stock throughout the terms of the loan or it can sell the stock on the open market instead.

The specialized team at Equity First Holdings has completed over 700 transactions since it was founded. They offer their clients a secure and transparent loan process that supplies them the client with the liquidity they need to flexibly meet their needs.

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Clay Siegall: A Hero to Cancer Patients


Do soy-based foods interfere with breast cancer?

This is one popular question asked by people living with cancer or know affected loved ones. Soy-based foods include tofu, soy milk, and edamame. Previously, there were two studies put forward by scientists regarding soy-based foods.

Another study stated that taking soy-based foods can potentially interfere with the effectiveness of some cancer medication. A cancer epidemiologist, Fang Fang Zhang, and his team resolved this saying that the consumption of soy products does not affect cancer patients in any way. The study also showed that soy might be beneficial for some people affected by breast cancer.

Renewable Energy in Texas

Texas is the leading the way in the US regarding renewable energy. In the list of states producing renewable energy, Texas provides more than the next three states that follow it on the list combined. Georgetown, a city in Texas, has a population of over 50,000 people and relies entirely on renewable energy. It was one of the first cities to do so in the nation.

The decision to make it entirely dependent on renewable energy was due to city managers who decided to use it in 2012. The argument behind this was that its prices do not swing up and down as compared to another source of energy like oil. After the decision had been made, investments worth millions of dollars were brought into the city.

About Clay Siegall

Siegall has been the CEO and president of Seattle Genetics since 2002. In 1998, he helped create the company. In the last five years, Siegall has led the company successfully evident from the tripling in stock price. Recently, the company created a drug by the name ADCETRIS approved by the FDA.

Clay Siegall is focused and determined to improve therapies used by cancer patients. His primary duty as the CEO is to raise capital for Seattle Genetics and he excels very well in this sector.

Arthur Becker: The Talented Businessman and Investor

Arthur Paul Becker is an experienced and talented businessman and investor with success in real estate. Arthur Paul Becker is a successful managing member of the investment firm Madison Partners, LLC. He is also one of the co-founders of Atlantic Investors LLC. This investment firm focuses primarily on investment ventures in real estate, as well as, technology. With the backing of Atlantic Investors LLC, he has recently completed the development of three adjacent townhouses in the Soho district of New York City. He also began the development of small luxury condominiums located in the Tribeca district.


Mr. Arthur Becker is an accomplished businessman who has an impressive professional backgound. He began his journey by attending and earning his Bachelor’s degree from Bennington College. He also attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. His career, as a result of his academic training, includes many accomplishments. He is the former Chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC. He was the President of the company NaviSite Inc. from February 2003 to March 2010. NaviSite provided cloud-based application management and data center hosting to other companies. He was personally involved in the financing and acquisition activities of the enterprise. He decided to explore his interests in bio tech and real estate after selling Navisite to Time Warner in 2011. He also was the Vice Chairman and the Director of ClearBlue Technologies Inc.


Arthur Becker has experience as the founder and managing member of companies specializing in investments and technology including Advance Partners, LLC. They provided financial advice to Cendent Corporation and Global Switch within the United Kingdom. They also advised Impower, a provider of technology consulting services to the government and based in London.


He was married to the famous designer, Vera Wang and was the senior advisor for her fashion company for 7 years.