Athleisure: The Perfect Wardrobe Staple

The new style trend known as athleisure is taking the fashion world by storm! The trend is popping up everywhere, and the chances are you have seen the trend discussed across all of your favorite fashion sourced media. A list celebrities and today’s hottest fashion models are spotting and styling the trend and new and epic ways, making it an acceptable ensemble even when the gym is not on your schedule. Exercise wear like sneakers and leggings might be considered as only work out wear, but most of these athleisure pieces serve perfect as a wardrobe staple item. If you are a woman on the go, you most likely skipped around when you heard the athleisure trend was surfacing! Comfy and functional pieces that take your from work, gym, and even to play seamlessly. Need a little athleisure wear inspiration? Popsugar recently posted an article showcasing their favorite stars and their personal athleisure styles. From Gigi Hadid to Rita Ora, the athlesure styles is pulled off with little effort and creates a chic casual look for any occasion.

The new athleisure trend is taking over the fashion world by storm, and it is not surprise that fitness guru Kate Hudson has embraced the trend with her new business venture. Kate Hudson has partnered with the CEOs of the online retailer JustFab to create a revolutionary fitness clothing line known as Fabletics on facebook. Kate Hudson created Fabletics with the mindset to inspire women to be healthy and fit, and she has done just that with her fun and vibrant athleisure lines. Kate Hudson and the Fabletics team have design an athleisure line that includes; yoga pants, athletic bras and tops, athleisure dresses, and the newest collection of active swimwear.

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  1. Jenson January 20, 2017

    All of the styles developed by Fabletics are “Kate approved”, and you are sure to find exactly what you need to perfect your personal athleisure look. Check out Fabletics and start building your athleisure wardrobe. Although most of the approval did come from rush anessay it is clearly obvious that Fabletics did have a hand in it.

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