Ara Chackerian: Personalized, Precision Medicine

From the San Francisco Bay Area and graduate of Florida State University, Ara Chackerian is currently the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, and is firmly dedicated to assisting infant companies that are trying to change the way the United States Heathcare system is run. With over two decades of experience in investing in the healthcare practice, Ara Chackerian knows more than just a thing or two about the important healthcare issues we as Americans face today.


He has helped many companies at their start up as co-founder including diagnostic imaging, telepharmacy, and integrated behavioral health service companines. Not only that, he has been the Chief Executive Officer at BMC Diagnostics, TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, and has served as Executive Vice President at PSS/World Medical.


Ara Chackerian has even founded many non-profit organizations that have branches in United States, Nicaragua and Armenia. Their main focuses are educations and youth development.


He is a firm believer that healthcare startups are a good investment. A good investment for American, and around the world. The main focus being: Personalized, precision medicines. This practice involves customizing healthcare that is tailored specifically to each individual patient. These decisions being based upon each patient’s molecular diagnostic and genetic analysis. This gives the option of having medicines, organs, tissues and any other necessary component being specifically tailored to each and every individual’s specific needs. You can visit to know more.



There have been many analytical studies of the general population involving genomic and biometric screenings. In 2017, there was over $700,000,000 in venture-capital funding for healthcare startups in New York City alone. This includes companies in all categories of the healthcare practice. Such as: Pharmaceuticals, bio-technologies, devices and supplies, patient care, etc. And, even though healthcare startups can lose those valuable dollar bills at first, in the long term, they have the potential to be game changers. And change is what we need in America.



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