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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Utilizing Innovative Solutions to Refine Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a man who is deemed by others as being a very sincere and considerate individual with an innate desire to assist others in achieving true happiness within themselves. Being that he had acquired the passion to help others early in his life, it only seemed fit for him to pursue a career within the medical field with plastic surgery being his field of interest. Upon seeking to become a medical school student, he made the decision to attend the University of Michigan Medical School where he studied diligently as a student to earn the privilege of having a medical degree. Nonetheless, he then carried out the remainder of his medical education by acquiring experience at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers as part of his residency program requirement. After completing the program, Jejurikar became certified by the board of plastic surgery to start his practice wherefore he then set up his medical office in Dallas, Texas.

With his practice established in Texas, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar made it his priority to service the needs of his patients with the utmost care through the application of the latest cosmetic software and surgical techniques. Within his practice, Dr. Jejurikar incorporates minimally invasive procedures for hair restoration, uses a 3D Imaging System to project expectant results, and has also developed a line of high quality skin care products that target aging skin and help improve elasticity. According to surveys taken by his patients that reside in the Dallas, Texas region, Dr. Jejurikar has earned a reputation for being well-respected and highly admired for his exemplary work. Furthermore, in having practiced for 11-20 years, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has also acquired affiliations with some of the top medical facilities in Dallas including the Dallas Medical Center and the Pine Creek Medical Center.

Upwork IPO Interests Investors

Upwork’s IPO gives way to the growing interest of people wanting to get a piece of this booming gig worker economy. The market is promising for freelancing. Investors have seen that Upwork could be a lucrative business venture. The company successful made a debut onto the NASDAQ. This also proved to potential investors of how successful digital tech world is. Upwork will be more than a hefty payout to investors. Being apart of Upwork will allow for investors to be connected to one of the businesses that changed the next few decades of the way people made a living for themselves.

Being apart of Upwork rewards investors with the chance of being apart of a movement, a time in history where the American economy is changing. The workplace is being revolutionized. People are not working how they use to. Alternative workplaces, especially digital ones, are becoming the new thing. This is not a mere trend. Studies show that freelancing and gig working will become a monumental shift in how people in America earn a living. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the workplace went through a shift. People began to move from manual labor to mass production. Then later on in the twentieth century people shifted from mass production to white collar or office jobs. In today’s society we are going through another historical shift during this digital craze era.

Upwork offers many perks to both employers and freelancers on their platform. Upwork allows for employers to select from a wide array of freelancers that have the work history, skills and job success to their liking. Writers, designers, web developers, app developers, programmers, translators and marketing experts are just a few of the freelancers on Upwork. The platform allows for freelancers to have access to working with major brands that are not often times afforded to freelancers living in smaller and rural areas. Two million projects are handled on this platform annually. As the gig worker economy is expected to increase, this number is expected to multiple. This soft of multiplication definitely has caught the eye of several big time investors.

Whitney Wolfe Believes in Making Things Better for Women

The ideas Whitney Wolfe has for success in the future help her run her company the best way. She knows Bumble needs someone who knows what they’re doing and she’s the perfect person for the job. She also knows things change for women in the app dating world and she wants to be there to make those changes better.

The app dating industry saw a lot of changes from the time it started until now. Whitney Wolfe knew this. She also felt things would get better if women played an active role in the app dating world. Since she spent so much time trying to find the best way for the app dating world to work, she knew she had the right idea. She also knew focusing on women could help her make the best choices when it came to her own app. With Bumble, more people have the chance to see positive experiences than they ever did in the past. Read this article at to know more about Wolfe.

As long as Bumble continues getting better, more people have the opportunity to enjoy the app dating world. Bumble allows women to make the first move and make sure they maintain control over different situations. Whitney Wolfe knew she wanted Bumble to give women the power and control in app dating. This was something that had never happened in the past and Wolfe made sure the app had everything women needed to feel successful while doing app dating.

Whitney Wolfe also felt things would only get better if more women were active in the industry. She wanted to hire many women to help run the app dating company. Not only did she hire women to handle the menial tasks in the company but she also found female developers who could make the app even better. Her entire company focuses on women and how she can empower them. By hiring women and keeping her office focused on females and their contributions to the app dating world, she’s giving them more power than ever before. It’s the first time in the history of app dating that a company has more females than males.



The Wine Dinners Hosted by Jeremy Goldstein, Omar Khan and Jim Finked Raised $56,000

Jeremy Goldstein hosted two dinners in May this year, events that brought together various prominent guests. Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the Board of Directors at Fountain and he hosted the events alongside Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, Wine Dinner Chairs. Over $56,000 was raised during the event to support Fountain House. Fountain House is a self-help group operated by men as well as women receiving help form professional staff to recover from major mental illness.

In a statement, Jeremy Goldstein said that fountain house is doing an incredible job in helping people with mental illness to secure employment. He commented the need for such a dinner as it brought together prestigious people to support Fountain House’s cause. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch

The first wine dinner was held on 22nd May at Nomad hotel. The other wine dinner was held on May 31st in New York City. In the first dinner, $33,300 was raised and $23,000 was raised in the second wine dinner.

Fountain House has supported people with mental illness for over 70 years. It always strives to empower its members. Participants work hand-in-hand with staff to perform various duties in the organization. Additionally, members participate in community work giving them the opportunity to network, make new friends and acquire skills that gives them a sense of fulfilment as well as purpose. The organization has managed to secure employment for more than 42% of participants.

Additionally, Fountain House goes a step further to help people affected with mental illness through various programs focused on health, housing, education, and wellness as well as transitioning to adulthood. Members with Medicaid Managed Care are offered home as well as community-based services. This enables participants to be occupied while working on their plan of care. Fountain House sits on a 5-acre land that gives members a robust working environment.

Fountain House has grown considerably over the years, thanks to its good leadership and capable members of Board of Directors including Jeremy Goldstein. Currently, the organization operates in 300 locations in 32 states as well as 30 countries across the world.

About Jeremy Goldstein

He is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a law firm committed to advising compensation committees, management teams, Chief Executive Officers as well as corporations in various matters. Additionally, he is American Bar Association Business Section’s Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee’s chairman. In the last decade, he has worked with many large corporates. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

He graduated from New York University School of Law with a J.D. He also holds an M.A. from the University of Chicago. He earned a distinction in B.A. cum laude from Cornell University.


Gareth Henry: Investment Companies are Investing in a Single Asset to Minimize Losses

Gareth Henry is an experienced investor who is well known in the financial industry. He has previously worked for some of the largest alternative investment companies such as Fortress Investments Group and Angelo Gordon. He is also representing a significant number of United States companies, where he works as the head of investment relations. His role is to actually represent such prominent organizations at international level. His wealth of experience in credit sector helps him to thrive and make critical decisions. It is evident that investment and credit industry is full of complicated math some of which individuals might fail to understand. However, that is not a huge problem to Gareth Henry as he is actually trained to handle that.

As a trained actuary, Gareth is able to handle all the mathematics and come up with a justifiable argument regarding investment and credit terms. He has also been able to come up with some investment decisions in the alternative industry which have helped companies to earn some profits. According to Gareth Henry, there is a continuous growth in the private industry with a large number of organizations seeking credit for investment purposes. A large number of organizations in the private sector have been investing in a single asset. This strategy is geared towards minimizing losses while at the same time increasing the output of a company.

It remains to be seen whether the new investment strategy will help organizations to maximize their out as compared to the organizations investing in a large number of assets. Gareth Henry notes that it is not only the private entities focusing on investing in a single asset but also a huge number of public sectors are also putting a huge amount of resources in a single asset. There is a new method of investment where organizations are joining hands to invest in a single asset. This means that each entity is only required to provide a particular amount of resources to cater for the entire investment. This strategy is helping organizations to minimize losses. However, companies investing in a single asset have to share the returns.

Waiakea Commits to Sustaining the Environment

Most people might not realize the huge responsibility that companies have to consumers and communities. Enterprises have to ensure that they are providing their clients with the best products possible. They also have to make sure they are doing what is necessary to sustain the communities where they work. These two tasks are extremely challenging for any business. Thankfully, Waiakea has experience and knowledge to get the job done.

Waiakea was founded Ryan Emmons back in 2012 when he realized that he could serve people some of the purest drinking water on Earth. He extracts this water from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This particular volcano receives a lot of rainfall everyday near its peak. As the water cascades down the mountain it is collected and purified for sale.

One thing that Emmons did early on was to take Waiakea and turn it into an environmentally friendly brand. Emmons wanted to keep his beverage as pure as possible. This is why he only uses recycled materials to bottle his drink and he uses the best environmental practices when processing, manufacturing and shipping his product to markets.

This is very important because Emmons is truly committed to keeping his environment clean and healthy. He also wants to do the same for others. The packaging he uses is not going to disintegrate within a few days after they are disposed. However, he makes sure that his water bottles are procured from recycled sources so that he does not have to harm the environment further.

Recycling materials is an important and necessary part for many businesses. Without a good environment people will not be able to prosper, sickness will increase or they will exist in a degraded state. The point is that communities need to be kept in proper order to be at their best. Waiakea understands this truth and works hard to ensure that they use sustainable practices for their organization.


Urban real estate development has taken a turn in terms of innovation and diverse design. Taking an example of Boraie Firm, a company that concentrates on real estates, assets management and also in the sales and marketing. Sam Boraie is based in New Jersey; the company invests by coming up with various residential and commercial projects that attract clients/residents.


Omar Boraie created Boraie firm. The company has invested in both commercial and residential projects in New Jersey and especially in New Brunswick. One main trending rental project is the ‘aspire.’ The designs used to build ‘aspire’ are remarkable since they embrace the modern designs. Aspire is located at the center of New Brunswick and it offers a porch lifestyle to the residents. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Aspire is inbuilt, in that everything essential is around. It is made up of 238 units, one & two bedroom houses, a 24/7 guarded lobby that exits directly into the parking area. It also has a fully equipped gym, a club exclusively for the residents, which has a play area for kids, a rooftop garden among other desirable features.


The layout is unique and modern; the floors are customized with hardwood, the washrooms have been installed with glass shower stalls. The kitchen hasn’t been left out either; they have installed stainless glass kitchenware, an up-to-date cabinet as well as a countertop, tiled kitchen floor and not forgetting a dishwasher. Check out



The Unit’s location, design and the fact that there is a hospital in its surroundings’ makes it ideal for the modern family. The one bedroom unit goes for $1,800 and the two bedrooms at $2,750 monthly while studio apartments go for $1,650.


Boraie’s collaborated with an ex-athlete, Shaquille O’Neal to bring the project to life. Word has it that ‘Aspire’ is just one of the projects that the former national basketballer and the company are venturing into. Boraies decision to partner with O’Neal was a very bold move. Aside from that Shaquille O’Neal has been involved in various projects; renovating an ancient theatre, he had a beverage merger with Arizona beverages and had also been involved in other investment ventures.


His experience, fame, and connections give the project an upper hand. The other projects in progress involve; a Film theatre, market hosting tower, retail that is to be centered in Atlantic City and many other projects that they were hesitant to mention.



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Financial and Investment Services Offered by Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group refers to an investment management organization that has its headquarters in New York City. The organization was founded in 1998 and has been in operations for over two decades. Some of the notable individuals in the organization include Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Pete Briger. The listed individuals co-founded the organization with Rob Kauffman who has since resigned from the organization. Although the Fortress Investment Group started off as private equity, it became publicly traded after being listed in the NYSE in 2007. Two years later, the management had successfully offered more than 8% of the groups’ shares to the public. In June 2016, the group was reported to manage assets worth more than 70.2 million dollars.

The assets were mainly private equity, hedge funds, and credit funds. In 2014, the exceptional contribution of the leaders saw the organization being named the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. Since then, the group has remained committed to offering quality services and products. Some of the products offered by the organization include traditional assets management, private equity, railroads, hedge funds, and other financial products. It has also successfully managed the assets of major permanent capital vehicles across the globe. They include Fortress Energy Investment Group Inc, New Media Investment Group, New Senior Investment Group, and the New Residential Investment Group. Through the services offered by the Fortress Investment Group, the listed organizations have remained profitable in the past years.

The Merger of Fortress Investment Group with Softbank Group Corp

The Softbank Group Corp. is a Japanese conglomerate that has interests in telecommunication and financial services. In 2017, it exhibited its interests of acquiring the shares of the investment management firm as being one of the ways of improving its financial services. The merger was completed in 2017 which saw the Japanese based company become the parent company of the group. However, the fortress team was retained and allowed to run independent operations. The decision was based on the need to maintain the positive organizational culture that had been created in the past twenty years. Currently, the group has the intention of venturing into other markets such as real estate and energy sectors.

A Popular Podcast Goes Over Sahm Adrangi’s Short Ideas

Seeking Alpha has a popular podcast called Behind the Idea. They recently interviewed Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager Sahm Adrangi who is well-known as a trader that often takes short positions on publically traded firms. On this podcast, they asked about his recent short idea and what types of advanced techniques he and his team at Kerrisdale Capital Management take when it comes to shorting stocks.

There’s been a lot of talk during this long bull market that hedge funds are out of style. The trend is towards index investing where you just own the whole market. Others espouse strategies such as quant or other mechanical approaches to investing. However, as Sahm Adrangi shows there is still plenty of room for a manager who analyzes stocks and companies and then selects among them. He says that he hasn’t had too much difficulty investing long in good stocks and shorting companies that he sees as not delivering.

One of the companies who stock Sahm Adrangi recently shorted is Proteostasis (PTI). He and his analysts went over this firm’s Phase 2 data for their lead drug candidate and saw some big issues with it. This company is trying to develop a drug candidate to treat cystic fibrosis. The lead drug candidate, PTI-428, claimed there was a 5.2 percent increase in lung performance shown in their latest clinical trial. He said this was nonsense and the drug barely did better than a placebo.

The Behind the Idea podcast series also talked about another one of his shorts which was St. Joe. This is a Florida land developer that owns a huge tract of land. The long-time plan for this land is to build a giant residential and commercial development. Sahm Adrangi looked into this land and found out it is desolate swamp land in the middle of nowhere. He says there is absolutely no viable way St. Joe’s plan for this land is going to ever be realized. He said that St. Joe was valued at $1 billion with much of that value based on this land. He sees St. Joe as being nowhere worth that amount of money.