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Adam Milstein on the Top 50 World’s Jewish Influential Leaders List

Through his philanthropic activities, long-term activism and his leadership in prominent Jewish organizations saw Adam Milstein emerge number 39 in a list of 50 Jewish most influential figures. The list released by Jerusalem post listed the top 50 Jewish leaders who have made an impact to the Jewish community through various positive activities uplifting the social standards of the community.

Also featured in the list was U.S. Senator Charles Schumer; philanthropists Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson, Ron Lauder, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Supreme Court Justices Elena Kalgan and Ruth Ginsburg; Jewish leaders like Malcolm Heinlein and Natan Sharansky including Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot, the Jewish entertainers. Learn more about Adam Milsten:

Adam Milstein appeared on the list through his leadership as the chairman and the co-founder of the Israel-American council as well as his dedicated participation in many Jewish organizations such as the Israel on campus coalition, Birthright Israel, AIPAC National Council and stand by me among others.

In his statement, Adam Milsten thanked his wife Gila for the emotional support as well as other organizations who has partnered with his foundation. Also, he expressed how honored he was to be on the list among other renowned world leaders from various scopes.

Milstein said that The Milstein Family Foundation would continue working to safeguard, strengthen the Jewish residents and the state through igniting pride in Israel’s next generation, as well as, providing pro-Israel Americans with the knowledge and expertise bolstering the Israel-America alliance.

According to Aish, Adam Milstein affirmed that the Milstein Family Foundation would continue to adhere to the principles of active philanthropy building synergy between organizations and funding project with the aim of improving life-path of the Jewish community.

Adam Milstein is a business investor, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Adam has a bachelor’s degree of science in business and economics from Technion.

In 2000, Adam and his wife Gila founded Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation sponsoring students to learn the Jewish roots as well as igniting pride in the Jewish community living in the United States.


Achieving Wonderful Locks with WEN

An active and busy lifestyle can be harsh on your hair. Everyday when you go out to work you face elements that can leave your hair dry, tangled, and frizzy. Not to mention you may be experiencing frayed, fried, and fragile ends from damaging heat styling. So how do you restore your hair’s health? Invest in a great hair care system!

The line has been so successful at helping men and women achieve beautiful healthy hair that million of bottles have been sold worldwide. Amazingly, the eBay available product took form when Chaz picked a combination of fruits and herbs from his garden, including sage, lavender, eucalyptus, apples, bananas and pears. Concerned with harsh sulfates found in regular shampoos and the vigorous process of lathering, he took the garden ingredients to a lab. The result of these combined natural ingredients was a hair care breakthrough! Chaz had developed a cleansing conditioner, not a harsh product but a hydrating experience! After five years of dedicated refining of the product, it finally hit the market.

WEN by Chaz’s complex formula cleanses hair gently while moisturizing it and relieving the locks from heat damage. Most shampoos strip hair of moisture, but WEN actually protects your hair while adding moisture!  Isn’t that the combination we are all trying to achieve? Visit the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.

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The Career of Nathaniel Ru

Every student at Georgetown has heard of Sweetgreen, weather it be for a quick lunch between class, a post-workout snack or even as a “Destination D.C.” during a particularly unadventurous New Student Orientation. However, as of six years ago, the only Hoyas that knew about Sweetgreen were founders Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru and Nicolas Jammet. By the beginning of senior year, these three had discussed the limited options of affordable and healthy food within Georgetown. Shortly after they began discussing their plans, they had laid out a vision and had developed their business plan. However, there was barely any prior experience amongst the three. And while all of their parents had been successful entrepreneurs, the three didn’t know what it took in order to build a business , and knew even less about working in the food industry. The lack of experience would later turn out to be the key for Sweetgreen’s success as it would provide an opportunity, allowing every problem to be approached with a fresh set of eyes according to Jammet. Sweetgreen was originally located on M Street, and ended up being just 500 square feet, as well as limited resources that only pushed the group to be creative and determining what it was that they could not do without, this being a commitment to quality and sustainability ingredients.  In 2010, the Sweetgreens in Schools program was launched, which seeked to help educate children about healthy living and nutrition through a variety of workshops and hands-on activities. When the second location of Sweetgreen began to fail, the founders decided to begin incorporating music, and this beginning the idea of Sweetlife, which would be a food and music festival. Currently, since starting up their business in Georgetown 13 years ago, the amount of healthy dining options on campus have improved.


While he was a senior at Georgetown, along with friends, Nathaniel Ru developed an eco-friendly frozen yogurt and salad eatery. After Ru graduated in 2007, it was only three months before sweetgreen was opened. In it’s first year, Sweetgreens grossed over 1 million dollars. Sweetgreens has recieved numerous press releases, such as USA Today, The Washington Post, Forbes, Food & Wine, Washingtonion, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBS and others.



WEN Cleansing Conditioners Is A Great Hair Solution For Women

WEN cleansing conditioners have been around for near ten years, and over that period of time has helped many women transform their hair for the better. As many women know, there are tons of products out there that make a lot of promises they are never able to deliver on. This is frustrating to experience, especially with the high cost of many products out there. Emily McClure did a review on the WEN hair care line from Chaz Dean herself in order to put its promises to the test. Emily is a writer for Bustle Magazine and a hair stylist herself.

She tried out the product for a week to see if it would work on her hair, which she was skeptical because she has always had difficult dealing with her very fine hair. But, to her surprise, WEN started to show off its power within a couple days of use. She noticed the effects it was having and documented it with photos showing the before and after. Once she completed her test, she published her review of the product and happily revealed her overall positive conclusion. Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner is capable of working on all types of hair because of the special 5 in 1 formula he used to create it, which took a lot of trial and error.

For the different needs of women, there are different types of WEN conditioners. Emily herself used the Fig version of the product. Each bottle of WEN comes at the low cost of $40, because Chaz Dean wanted women to be able to experience beautiful and healthy hair without needed to spend tons of money at a salon for their products. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online at

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SweetGreen is Bringing Sweet Profits for Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru has cooked up a great idea that could become a real game changer for anyone that is trying to eat healthier. His idea for a healthy restaurant like SweetGreen is getting the attention of venture capitalists, and this is music to the ears of people that are looking forward to more of these restaurant locations.


 Nathaniel Ru has partners that are helping him build a presence in the industry. He knows the direction that he wants to go in, but having funds from venture capitalists is the most essential part of the equation. Without this he would not have the ability to move in the way that he would like to.

What Nathaniel Ru has managed to do is create a company that is about much more than just the same old salad. This is really what all of the buzz is about. If SweetGreen was just another company that was trying to push salads to the mainstream it would not be the $98 million dollar venture capitalist success that it has become. SweetGreen has managed to become successful because there are things like warm bowls. The menu is also different according to the area that you are in. People in Philadelphia are going to get a different menu than the people that are in Los Angeles.


The thing that has impressed customers is the way that this company has managed to take interest in the fresh foods. Farmers are playing an important part in the menu at these restaurants. These are foods that have a nutritious value and lower calories. It is the winning combination that many other restaurants lack. That is why people have taken interest in what this company is doing. It is proving to be more than a company that states that it is different on paper. This company is proving that there can be alternatives to fast food. Nathaniel Ru has proved that he is able to make a difference in the lives of people that are trying to find better ways to improve their health.


SweetGreen has the potential to become a healthy food restaurant leader. This is the direction that Nathaniel Ru is heading in.