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Yeonmi Park speaks for human rights


Yeonmi Park is a young Korean woman who has become a spokesperson for human rights after escaping North Korea. Her harrowing tale of adventure is an emotional story of near starvation, abuse an terror, but ultimately one of victory, that is outlined in her book on Amazon, In Order To Live. In the book Yeonmi Park goes into great detail about her escape that took years, and about life growing up in North Korea.

The repressive regime controls every aspect of life, just like Orwell’s book, 1984, but this is for real. She said she saw a woman executed in public for breaking a minor rule. Park feared to speak, to even whisper to herself, because a mouse might hear her. She was taught to not express herself at all, and every day was a matter of just finding enough food to survive while she lived in North Korea.

Her father was caught selling metals to China and sent to a labor camp, so that made her an outcast as well, so her life went from bad to worse. That, along with nearly starving, led her and her mother to escape.

1n 2007, she and her mother walked across a frozen river to escape into China. She was just 13 at the time. They followed the stars and were not sure where they were going. She had to still be very careful in China, as she could have been deported back to North Korea if she were discovered.

She eventually made her way to Mongolia, and that led to her ultimate arrival in England. The Reason TV and other media outlets have told her story many times, and there have been articles in the Daily Mail UK about Yeonmi Park as well.



Organo ™ Gold: Offering Benefits for Everyone

Organo ™ Gold was launched in 2008 in Richmond, British Columbia, and is now present in 44 countries with around 400,000 Independent Distributors of its products. Bernardo Chua, originally from the Philippines, was the responsible one to launch Organo ™ Gold to show the world the Chinese edible mushroom, Ganoderma, which is widely known, but primarily in the Asian culture, to have healing properties. Bernie Chua, who had experience in Gano Excel Philippines since 1999, and in 2003 earned the President position in Gano Excel USA gave him a vast experience to found Organo ™ Gold company, since this company started the distribution of Ganoderma in capsules, coffee capsules and other food products. His Chinese heritage helped him know about the Ganoderma edible mushroom, and he had a successful vision to market this plant with coffees and tea blends outside the Asian region.

Beyond the health benefits Bernardo has instilled in the company, Organo ™ Gold is a multi-level marketing distribution network where the Independent Distributors sell the whole range of products offered by the company. Bernardo Chua saw this business model as a very successful one, helping the company expand globally, and he states that the direct sales offered in Organo ™ is one of the most effective ways to make business. Organo ™ Independent Distributors are effectively paid through their compensation plans, this company offers to reinforce the individual strengths by also working in teams at the company.

This company is a proud partner with of Associations and Foundations to make the world a better place. Some of this partners are OG Cares Foundation, designed to provide guidance for the youth. The Napoleon Hill Foundation, where Organo ™ donates the proceeds collected from the Collector’s Edition, that included the logo of Organo ™, of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The Organic Trade Association (OTA), since the Ganoderma product is grown in an organic way, Organo ™ became a member in this Association that promotes organic products. And also has an ECOCERT Certification that demonstrates that Organo’s ™ production is environmental friendly.

Organo ™ Gold started manufacturing and production of Ganoderma, which in Japanese means Reishi or the “King of Herbs”. Organo’s ™ Ganoderma is naturally grown, and Organic certification to it.